Formerly HUMV4U

Welcome to the exclusive HV Phantom Series Humvees built in an ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING FACILITY!
The Phantom is a limited production custom HMMWV H1 Conversion that has been elusive to the public through any source until now. These visionary vehicles are unmatched in the industry of HMMWV conversions.

The H1 is reborn within the Phantom Series with our (OEM) H1 Interior and our DRIVE TRAIN OPTIONS which are unmatched. The Phantom series H1 comes with our remanufactured 6.5 GM Optimizer Turbo 4 speed to maintain its originality or you can choose from 2 other highly sought after options:
Option 1: Cummings turbo diesel 5 speed power plant option? (March 2017 Intro) Inquire

Option 2: Gasoline 6.2LSI 5 speed conversion with a 4L85 transmission. (immediately available) Inquire



S P E C I A L   L I M I T E D   O F F E R

FOR SALE   Early 1990’s  Mercedes Benz Puch 230 GE Swiss Military Vehicles
HUMV4U has a limited offering of  36 Mercedes Military Swiss vehicles in amazing shape.  Eight have already been sold before this announcement and 28 remain and will NOT be offered again.  Contact us immediately to put a deposit on one before they are all gone.

$23,500.00 for a US titled on road Swiss military Mercedes Benz Puch.  (Automatic - 4x4)
- Shipping is not included from Florida

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